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Core Services

Ondata provides a set of  services that form the common core needs of our customers.  Services are contually upgraded and adapt to the changing needs of our customers.  We maintain the highest standards of excellence. 

24x7 IT Help Desk 

Certified professionals form the OnData Help Desk department where customer IT issues are prioritized diagnosed and resolved ASAP.  The Help Desk function is divided into two tiers: tier one for ordinary issues and tier 2 for more difficult and more critial issues.  When issues require onsite support we quickly dispatch manpower to the target site to work in conjunction with the team at the home office.The goal of our help desk is to provide courteous, professional, reliable and effective resolution to end user issues mimimizing personnel down time.

Network Design and Implementation

Change is constant in the IT world.  The goal is to remain current, competitive and to meet the needs of the organization and end user.  OnData provides network design and integration to meet those needs.  Routers, VPNs, bandwidth, security, servers, NAS devices and BDR are some of the key components requiring ongoing upgrades or re-design.


The goal is to maintain a network infrastructure that is current, reliable and meets the needs of the organization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting key servers and application data is paramount.  OnData provides a full suite of backup and recovery technology from file level to full bare metal imaging using Acronis and eFolder Core technology.  Individual Files and folders can be restored from the cloud based backup vault.  Data encryption is done in-place and in-transit to provide security.  A centralized AMS system manages multiple server B/R functions from one location.

Business continuity is achieved with Server Virtualization withing 4 hrs of lost functionality. 

Anti-Virus and Malware protection as a Service

Protecting networks and machines from dangerous viruses, malware and intrusions is essential and ongoing.  At ondata we employ a centralized Anti-Virus platform that provides a gloabl view of all machines in the network across multiple domains.  Regular monitoring and reporting insures that the network and devices are free from harmful software.

Security applicances and firewall devices are also integerated into the network to provide the security and protection required.

Email hosting and Email Security

OnData provides email hosting at affordable prices. eMail is an organization's most critical communication tool but it remains constantly at risk from spam, viruses, malware and phishing attacks.  OnData email continuity and security solutions deliver total email safety with minimal disruption and fast recovery. 


All email can be archived for later retrieval.

IT Contract Services

OnData provides a broad spectrum of IT services for customers who need to have turn-key IT projects done and just need to augment there in-house staff to accomplish there project goals.


We work with the customer to help define the deliverables and put the team and resources together required, then manage the project from start to finish to accomplish the stated objectives and stay within budgetary constraints.

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